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  • global color palettes and dark mode the color settings of kadence theme explained

    Global Color Palettes and the Dark Mode: The Color Settings of the Kadence Theme Explained 

    27. July 2022
  • set up typography globally kadence theme thumbnail

    The Basic Settings of the Kadence Theme: Quickly and Effortlessly Set Up Typography Globally

    27. July 2022
  • layout options explained kadence theme setup

    The Initial Setup of the Kadence Theme: The Layout Options Explained

    2. June 2022
  • essential plugins for every wordpress website

    Beginner’s Guide: These Plugins Are Essential for Every WordPress Installation

    5. May 2022
  • what is a WordPress theme what you should know about Wordpress themes neu

    Before You Start With WordPress: Here’s What You Should Know About WordPress Themes

    5. May 2022
  • erste schritte nach wordpress installation first steps after wordpress installation

    The First Steps After WordPress Installation: Clean up the Admin Area, Change the Permalink Structure and More

    4. October 2021
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